Herbalxpress Black tea, also known as Crimson Tea because of the reddish color of its infusion, is more oxidized, stronger in flavor, and contains more caffeine than the other tea varieties. 

 Anti - Sugar - Flavored  

Anti-sugar black tea is a delicious, sugar cravings inhibiting blend.

Black Lemonade - Flavored  

Black lemonade black tea could be the best black lemon iced tea.

Black Maple - Flavored   

Our black maple has sweet flavor of maple with a strong black tea.

Caramel Latte - Flavored  

A rich blend coffee beans, black tea, and caramel - curl up and enjoy! 

Cinnamon Dulce de Leche 

Cinnamon and chocolate notes on a black tea, with a sweet and creamy taste.

Coconut Chai - Flavored  

A soft creamy coconut flavored chai with warming spices in a malty black tea base.

Crimson Elixir - Flavored  

Black tea, dark berries, sweet and slightly tart. 

Irish Cream - Flavored  

Sweet and creamy Irish Breakfast.

Orange Black - Flavored  

Deliciously sweet and fruity with the underlying support of a robust black tea. 

Raspberry Earl Gray - Flavored   

Quality black tea with an underlying bergamot profile and delicious raspberry notes.

Royal Cream Earl Grey - Flavored  

A blends of black tea, bergamot and a rich sweet cream flavor. sweet cream flavor. 

Spicy Cacao - Flavored   

An enticing blend of robust maltiness, subtle spiciness and luxurious chocolatey notes.

Strong Earl Grey - Flavored  

A full strength black tea and bergamot blend. 

Winter Wonderland - Flavored   

Creamy, spicy, warming with a hint of vanilla and a malty tea base.

Cardamon Tea - Unflavored  

Aromatic strong black tea, warming and calming.

Cinnamon Chai - Unflavored   

A medium-strong black tea with cinnamon & chai spices, sweet  bold.

Crazy Horse - Unflavored  

An incredible, strong and spicy blend which is sure to do justice to its namesake. 

English Breakfast - Unflavored   

A full-bodied Ceylon black tea blend with an inviting aroma and a light, fruity taste.