Herbalxpress Green teas are minimally oxidized tea leaves. Oxidation is the chemical reaction which starts as soon as the leaves are picked, and are either pan-fried, steamed, baked, or sun dried in order to halt the oxidation process. This classifies them as a green tea. 

 Lemon Ginger Sencha - Flavored  

A well-balanced combination of Sencha green tea, lemon and ginger, refreshing and soothing.

 Midnight Magic - Flavored  

A beautiful, unordinary green tea blend with a magical flower aroma and light notes of fresh orange. 

 Sakura Sencha - flavored   

A sweetly aromatic and flavorful green tea blend with distinct cherry notes.

 Buddha Focus - Unflavored  

A wonderful blend to enjoy any time of day, especially when you are lacking in focus! 

 Casablanca Mint - Unflavored  

A luxurious blend of green teas, sweetly minty, citrusy and fully refreshing!

 Ginger Sencha - Unflavored  

A fresh green tea flavor, vegetal with a warming ginger presence, excellent blend for any time of the year.

 Japanese Genmaicha - Unflavored 

A unique tea made with organic Japanese sencha and toasted rice. 

 Morocco Mint - Unflavored  

Minty, refreshing, full-bodied traditional Moroccan recipe.

 Fountain of Youth - Unflavored  

A delicious and sweet blend of green tea and antioxidant rich berries and herbs to help maintain youthness. 

 Herbal Tea   

Herbal tea and blends include only the highest quality ingredients from around the world.