Herbalxpress Herbal tea and blends include only the highest quality ingredients from around the world. 

 Apple Chai - Flavored  

Delicious and aromatic, remarkable blend of sweet spices and apples. Just like ice wine, perfect in the afternoon with an apple dessert!

Apple Crumble - Flavored  

The perfect way to relax... Enjoy a warm cup of Apple Crumble as a guilt-free tasty treat!

Banana Bread - Flavored   

You won't believe it's not the real thing! Banana bread, with a subtle hint of nutty chocolate.

Black Currant Rooibos - Flavored  

A delicious and sweet berry infusion with crisp green rooibos!

African Carnival - Flavored  

Fruity herbal blend with a sweet playful aroma. 

Chocolate Orange - Flavored  

A delicious honey bush blend with sweet flavours of chocolate and orange.

 Moon Tea (PMS) - Flavored 

Alleviate discomfort and calm the body. 

 Pomegranate Tulsi - Flavored  

A delicate tulsi flavour, enhanced by  fruity notes of pomegranate.

 Red Maple Spice - Flavored  

This luscious, caffeine-free blend of  rooibos tea with maple, orange and cardamom flavors.

Vanilla Rooibos - Flavored   

The best vanilla rooibos we've ever tasted! smooth, soft, and flavorful.

African Mint Tea - Unflavored  

A minty blend with a rich and sweet honeybush profile. A great refreshing drink to help cool down fast.

Ginger Mint Comfort - Unflavored   

A delicious herbal blend of chamomile, peppermint and spices. Rest and digest.

 Menopausal Relief - Unflavored  

Cooling, calming and nourishing blend of healthy herbs. 

 Warming & Calming- Unflavored   

A delectable chamomile blend! Sweet, spicy, warming & comforting.

Vitality Tea - Unflavored  

A healthy, rich and aromatic blend of turmeric and spices!

Immune Tea - Unflavored   

A sweet, spicy, warming blend to help keep you up and about!