Masala Chai blends are crafted like any other tea, and can be prepared in the traditional method. Although western populations tend to use the word chai to describe spiced Indian tea, the word chai literally means tea, and does not actually refer to any particular type of tea.

 Masala Chai - Apple Tea  

Delicious & aromatic, blend of sweet spices and apples.

 Masala Tea - Cardamom Chai  

Aromatic strong black tea, warming and calming.

 Masala Tea - Cinnamon Chai   

A medium-strong black tea with cinnamon and chai spices, sweet and bold.

 Masala Tea -  Coconut Chai  

A soft creamy coconut flavored chai with warming spices in a malty black tea base. 

 Masala Tea - Red Maple Spice  

This luscious, caffeine-free blend is awonderful maple, orange and cardamom flavors.

 Masala Tea - Rooibos Chai  

An energizing and earthy infusion of rooibos with the perfect combination of chai spices.