Herbalxpress Organic teas that can be purchased in biodegradable pyramid teabags made from  sugarcane-based teabag material and manufacture the teabags. It can be purchased in a pouch or in a tin. 

Pyramid Tea Bag - Apple Crumble  

Enjoy a warm cup of Apple Crumble as a guilt-free tasty treat!

Pyramid Tea Bag - Black Maple 

The sweet flavor of maple with a strong black tea.

Pyramid Tea Bag- Chocolate Chai   

Herbalxpress most delicious, rich, chocolate-flavored chai. 

 Pyramid Tea Bag - Elder Flowers   

Herbalxpress Elder Flowers originated in Albania. 

Pyramid Tea Bag- Ceylon Tea  

A full-bodied Ceylon black tea blend with aroma and a light, fruity taste.

Pyramid Tea Bag - Hibiscus  

Sweet and tart infusion with a bright red color - great as an iced tea.