Herbalxpress Wellness teas are carefully crafted to help you achieve your health objectives, and

are blended with ingredients that contribute to our overall-health and well-being.

Wellness Tea  - Elder Flowers  

Herbalxpress Elder Flower originated in Albania. 

Wellness Tea - Moon (PMS)  

Herbalxpress Moon tea alleviate discomfort and calm the body.

 Wellness Tea - Pomegranate Tulsi  

Enhanced by lightly tart and fruity notes of pomegranates.

 Wellness Tea - Menopausal Relief    

Cooling, calming and nourishing blend of healthy herbs.

 Wellness Tea - Vitality  

A healthy, rich and aromatic blend of turmeric and spices!

 Wellness Tea - Immune Health  

A sweet, spicy, warming blend to help keep you up and about!