Herbalxpress White tea is the un-oxidized Camellia Sinensis leaf freshly plucked and dried and do not undergo any processing. Until recently, white teas were reserved for the social elite. In the past they were only consumed by the royal families of China, as white tea is only harvested for 2 to 3 weeks during the year and the supply was always limited. Today, Chinese white tea is exported throughout the world, and is available in several grades.

 Blueberry White Tea - Flavored  

Blueberries! Healthy and refreshing, fruity, sweet.Blueberries! Healthy and refreshing, fruity, sweet.

 Pink Grapefruit Tea - Flavored  

Fruity, refreshing and zesty white tea based blend .

 Raspberry Garden Tea - Flavored  

A beautiful aroma followed by a soft herbaceous, refreshing flavour - a perfect treat after working in a garden.

 Strawberry White Tea - Flavored   

A light and seductively sweet white tea blend, fragrant, tart, fruity and altogether irresistible.

 Sweet Cinnamon Chai - Flavored  

A deliciously sweet and spicy white tea chai with a citrus aroma and a nice cinnamon flavor.

 White Rose Tea - Flavored  

Harmonious combination of a delicate white tea and beautifully fragrant rose petals.