Herbalxpress Yurvedic teas promotes good health, not fight disease. This tea also works as a great memory-booster and stress-buster.

 Anti - Sugar - Flavored   

A delicious, sugar cravings inhibiting blend of pu-erh, and orange.

 Ashwagandha Root - Flavored  

Ashwagandha Root teas originated in India.

 Cardamon Pods Tea - Flavored  

Cardamom Pods teas originated in India.  

 Clove Tea - Flavored   

Organic Clove teas originated in  India. 

 Fennel Tea - Flavored  

Fennel tea originated in Egypt

Ginger Root Tea - Flavored  

Ginger Root teas originated in India.  

Gotu Kola Tea - Flavored  

Gotu Kola tea originated in India. 

Moringa Tea - Flavored  

Organic Moringa leaf originated in India.

Turmeric Root Powder - Flavored  

Organic Turmeric Root Powder from India.

Turmeric Root Tea - Flavored  

Turmeric Root tea originated in India.