Herbalxpress offers a selection of teas and botanicals for those interested in superior quality tea. At Herbalxpress we understand the importance of tea and botanicals and their ability to detoxify, nourish and heal.

 Black Tea  

Black tea, also known as Crimson Tea because of the reddish color of its infusion, is more oxidized, stronger in flavor, and contains more caffeine than the other tea varieties.

 Green Tea  

Green teas originate from China and are minimally oxidized tea leaves. Oxidation is the chemical reaction which starts as soon as the leaves are picked, 

 Herbal Tea  

We have four categories of herbal teas: Single herbs, herbal blends, functional, and crossover blends. 

 Iced Tea  

 A chilled drink of sweetened tea without milk, typically flavored with lemon.  

 Masala Chai Tea  

 Masala Chai blends are crafted like any other tea, and can be prepared in the traditional method.

 Oolong Tea  

Oolong teas are more oxidized than green teas but less than black teas. This creates a sweeter.

 Pyramid Tea (Biodegradeable)  

This is a listing of all our Organic teas that can be purchased in biodegradable pyramid teabags. 

 Wellness Tea  

We have carefully crafted a series of wellness teas to help you achieve your health objectives. 

 White Tea  

White tea is the un-oxidized Camellia Sinensis leaf freshly plucked and dried. White teas usually do not undergo any processing .

 Yurvedic Tea   

Yurvedic tea promotes good health, not fight disease. This tea also works as a great memory-booster and stress-buster.